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Games Workshop Producers of Warhammer, Mordheim, Necromunda etc.
Steve Jackson Games Producers of Car Wars, among others.
Free Wargames Rules Are you after a set of miniature wargames rules for a certain period but you don't want to spend any money? Well maybe this site can help you.
AlienStar Produce a growing range of quality role-playing games and game rules for historical battle using model figures. Produced in colour they are FREE and FULL versions for you to download.
Fanatic Games New Magazines, Supplements and Miniatures For Battlefleet Gothic, Blood Bowl, Epic 40K, Mordheim, Necromunda, Warmaster and Warhammer Quest.
The Fuze Good starting point for Fuzion material including the Core Rules.
Atomik Fuzion Not a Wargame but a Free Multigenre RPG, hydrid rules based on the Hero and Interlock systems. Look to the Fuzion Core for the rules, as well of lists of free Fuzion resources.
If your into RPG's get into Fuzion.
Tranzfuzion Digital resource for Fuzion.
Stuff of Legends This site is the largest archive of lists and pictures of Fantasy and Science Fiction miniatures, whether used for wargaming, role-playing or simply for show.
They are not associated with any retailer or manufacturer. There aim is to list and eventually show every fantasy or science fiction miniature that has ever been released, as well as many of the ones that were never released.
eM-4-Miniatures Specialise in pre-painted miniatures and accessories.
Steve Barber Models Wargames Miniatures, Figures, Buildings & Wargaming Accessories.
I-Kore Very nice 25mm Sci-Fi range, they also produce their own game VOID which can be downloaded for free.
Brigade Models Produce a nice range of 1/3000th scale Spaceship models and 1/300th scale buildings and sci-fi vehicles.
Nemo Miniatures This company bought some of the Grenedier molds when they went out of business, the "Call of Cthulhu" range is available from here under the "Nightmare" section, as well as some of Grenadiers Dragons, they also do a nice range of their own miniatures. Some of the site is in italian (as are the prices).
CyberDungeon A great online store for miniatures and games, based in Canada, but ships to the UK, very good service.
Pendraken Minatures

Miniature Gallery
by Craig Grady
Here you will find true scale 10mm and 1/200th miniatures, hand cast to the highest standards and at extremely good value for money. From fantasy to the far future of science fiction, Ancients to Modern Day and everything in-between. The 10mm Fantasy range is the same scale as Warmaster.
Wargames Figure Company Based in Scotland, they have brought together a large selection of UK figures manufacturers, with more on the way. This will eventually give you a very large range to choose form. Buy from as many ranges as you need and pay one post & packing charge.
Ground Zero Games Producers of Full Thrust, Stargrunt 2 and Dirtside. Miniatures ranges include Sci-Fi Fantasy (25mm) Sci-Fi (6mm) and a large range (160+) of space ships for use with Full Thust.
DragonRune Miniatures DragonRune creates 28-30mm metal miniatures (GW Scale) to enhance any fantasy miniatures game or role-playing game. This looks like a new miniature company, the quality looks amazing, worth keeping an eye on.
The WarStore Sells Games Workshop products at a good discount (appx 25%), based in Armerica. Worth a look.
Model, Design & Craft Aberdeen based company that sells a nice range of miniatures including Grendel who sell the Kryomek Game and miniatures.
Thunder Mountain Miniatures Not gaming miniatures but rather display pieces, the quality is amazing.
The Miniatures Page A web-magazine for Miniature Wargamers
Build Your Own
Terragenesis A site devoted to terrain production for tabletop wargames. TerraGenesis will show you how to make wargames terrain suitable for a wide-range of tabletop systems.
Mordheim Construction Council A site dedicated entirely to the construction of terrain for Mordheim, and similar fantasy or period games
NetTerrain This site specializes on making terrain for games with miniatures on a 25mm scale, especially for Games Workshop games like Necromunda, Mordheim, Warhammer, Warhammer 40K and all other tabletop miniatures wargames.
To Buy
Purbeck Terrain Systems Excellent modular terrain system, we have a large selcection which we used at Games Day. (Note this site requires the Flash 4 plug-in)
Hirst Arts Silicone RTV Rubber Molds. Build your own stone model buildings out of plaster of paris!
Ainsty Castings Co. Producers of resin terrain and accessories, we hope to obtain some pieces for the club in the near future.
Forgeworld A range of resin models from the Worlds of Warhammer and Warhammer 40K. The models produced currently included large scale resin figures, the Imperial Armour Warhammer 40K resin vehicle kits, terrain for Warhammer and Warhammer 40K, and castles and other buildings for Warmaster.
Game Specific Sites
VOID 1.1
 new  Abyss A nice VOID site by a local (Coventry) player.
 new  MINIwar Miniature wargaming in the VOID Universe. Nice site with lots of discussion forums.
I-Kore Very nice 25mm Sci-Fi range, they also produce their own game VOID which can be downloaded for free.
Warhammer 40,000
Imperial Guard Paper Vehicles Originally this was Bile's Paper Rhino Site, however it has now changed to IG Vehicles, the old Rhino vehicles are no longer available.
Project Thunderhawk Information and rules for the Thunderhawk Gunship along with plans for scratch building your own.
(Un)Official Warmaster Site Warmaster site by Rick Priestley (the designer of the game).
Warmaster Fellowship Some nice articles on Warmaster, along with a players list, for others who play Warmaster.
Maximum Warmaster Good Warmaster resource site, with official and unofficial army lists.
Brumbaer's Warmaster Page Some interesting Warmaster stuff here, including Warmaster Army Creator program and Warmaster Ancient Army Lists.
Blood Bowl
Blood Bowl Net More Blood Bowl than you can shake a stick at...
OBERWALD OnLine BloodBowl Enthusiastsí Reference With Assembled League Doctrines
Full Thust
Full Thust Ship Creator A nice program to help design your own Full Thust ships, compatible with Fleet Book 1 rule updates (Windows 9x).
The Gobstyks Gaming Club Lincoln based Wargaming Club, the Idea for the BWC site came from here.
The Outer Limits Game Club Coventry based Wargaming Club
The Gaming Club Network Games Workshops directory of clubs that play their games.
Soldier and War Magazine "SOLDIER and WAR" is a bi-monthly magazine for the Military Historian, Re-enactor and Miniature War-Gamer.
Web-Grognards The site for wargames on the web.
Graph Paper Printer Free windows 9x utility for printing different types of graph paper including hex, great for campaign maps.
The Players Society The Warhammer Players Society
GW Gateway 2000 Large listing of Games Workshop related sites.
The Warp Lots of links to other wargaming resources.
Society of Ancients Historical Wargames Resource, well worth a look.
Black Dwarf A resource for all your gaming needs. Dealing primarily with Games Workshop produced games, this site aims to provide everything you might find in the official magazine (WD), and more. There are stories, features, battle reports, painting tips etc.
Gamers Web
Gamers Web written by Gamers for Gamers
Dr. Faust's Painting Clinic Excellent site with good tips and explanations on how to paint and convert miniatures, take a look you may learn something.
Wargames Forum Figures, Rules, Boardgames, Terrain, Magazines, Painting Services, Accessories, News, Reviews, Clubs, Bring & Buy, Wargames Library and much more.
Rob's Miniatures Page Some very nicely painted miniatures, all manfucturers.
Members Sites
Houston Graphics
3D Sketch Pad
Peter Houston's Home Page

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