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Welcome to the Bulkington Wargaming Club's Rogues Gallery.

Here you will find details of those attendees of BWC who wished to have there details listed. If you are a attend, and would like you details included here just e-mail us, post a message in the Forum, or talk to us at the club.

Some have included a bit more information about themselves and their armies. Click on the photo or name for their personal page.

At present the BWC has 35 listed attendees (of which 19 are full members, see Club Rules for details on becoming a member)

Current Members

Craig HillName : Craig Hill
Position : Club Secretary
Age : Too Old.
Notes : Founder Member
Email :

Games :
WFB - Dwarves
Necromunda - ?
Mordheim - Skaven

Peter HoustonName : Peter Houston
Position : Treasurer & Membership Secretary
Age : 32
Notes : Designed and maintains this site, Terrain Builder.
Email : houston.graphics@iname.com

Games :
Mordheim - Undead (Vlads' Impalers), Infected.
WH40K - Space Marines (The GPPE)
Warmaster - Undead
Car Wars
Full Thrust
Lots of RPG's.

Stephen HoustonName : Stephen Houston
Position : Club Official
Age : 29
Notes : Terrain Builder.
Email : s.houston@virgin.net

Games :
Mordheim - Rieklanders, Witch Hunters, Wood Elves.
WH40K - Eldar
WHFB - Lizardmen
Battle Fleet Gothic
Warmaster - High Elf + Empire
Car Wars
Lots of RPG's

Kenneth BurwoodName : Kenneth Burwood
Position : Club Official
Age : ?
Notes : Very tall and intimidating.
Email :

Games :
Warhammer 40K
Battle Fleet Gothic
Warmaster - Orcs & Goblins

Paul ShipmanName : Paul Shipman
Position : Player, Blood Bowl League Commissioner & Dungeon Master
Age : 17
Notes : Very Loud
Email : paul.shipman@tesco.net

Games :
Mordheim - Witch Hunters WHFB - Empire
WH40k - Space Marines and Catachan
Warmaster - Empire
Nobleman Steve McQueen in WH quest
Blood Bowl - Forest Dragons (Elf)
Lots of RPG's

Daniel WrightName : Daniel Wright
Position : Player, Vampire Count, Imperial Guard Colonel, Warhammer 40K Roleplay GM.
Age : 18
Notes : Actually is a Vampire.
Email : Carstein69@hotmail.com

Games :
WHFB - Vampire Counts
WH40K - Imperial Guard (Helessian 57th)
Warmaster - Chaos
WH Quest - Wood Elf Wardancer
Blood Bowl - Blackskull Blitzers (Undead),
WH40K RPG - Eldar Pirate.

John PerkinsName : John Perkins
Position : Player
Age : ?
Notes : Will try anything, twisted minds macot.
Email :


Games :
Any Games Workshop games and other designed by Club Members.

Christopher ProctorName : Christopher Proctor
Position : Player
Age : ?
Notes : "Blondie","Slim Shadey"
Imperial Guards suck !
Email :  98Proctor@kinghenry8.sch.uk

Games :
WH40K (Imperial Guards)
WHFB (Brettonians)
Car Wars
Mordheim (Ninjas)

No Picture AvailableName : Ryan Blinco
Position : Player - Club Pet
Age : 17
Notes: I won't bite you... very hard.
Email :  Mad_Aries2000@Hotmail.com

Motto : "In any type of gaming life is pain you just gotta get used to it"

Games :
Warhamer - wood elves,dwarfs,empire
Warmaster - chaos
BFG - anything
Mordheim - witch hunters
Necromunder - Goliaths
RPG's luv them (Torg is cool I am the dark avenger)

No Picture AvailableName : Grant Blinco
Position : Player, addict, devotee [and thick to spend so much on so little].
Age : 17
Notes : I get on with every one… except my bro !
Email : badblinco@hotmail.com

Motto : "Lead me not into temptation…(I can find the way myself)"

Games :
WH40K - Chaos, Orcs, Tyranids, Imperial Guard, Eldar
Necromunda - Dry Sea (Cawdaw), Plague People (Skavvy)
WHFB - Chaos, Orcs + Gobbos, Skaven.
Warmaster - Orcs
RPG's:- Super Hero, Slayer, Dwarf (ex-body guard), Mercenary (ex-farmer) WH40K role-play.

No Picture AvailableName : Phil Marshalsea
Position : Player, Game Designer
Age : 18
Notes : Is the only one stupid enough to take Paul on in an argument.
Email : 2004493@mail.tilehill.ac.uk

Games :
Warhammer 40,000,
Blood Bowl.

Games Designed :
Last Stand,
Pit Fighter,
World War III,
Agent 00X,

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Don't be shy, let's have your details for the Rogues Gallery.

If you would also like to have a Personal Information page, where you can show pictures of your minaitures, details of your armies, a personal history, etc., then just write it up and send it in.
For an example take a look at my page.

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Name = Ryan Blinco

Position = Player = I am games clubs pet

Age = 17

Notes = I Wont bite you... very hard.

Email = Mad_Aries2000@Hotmail.com

Games = Warhamer = wood elves,dwarfs,empire Warmaster = chaos Battle fleet cothic = anything Mordheim = witch hunters Necromunder = Goliaths RPGs luv them (Torg is cool i am the dark avenger)

Moto = In any type of gaming life is pain you just gota get used to it