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Notes on this Index
his Index lists the most important articles that have been published in White Dwarf from issue 68 to issue 251. There are several points that I would like to make about this Index.

  • The Index only lists the main articles published in each issue, it does not list the Games Workshop News, Mail Order or What’s Happening at the GW Stores (as features in these articles will be out of date and largely irrelevant).
  • From Issues 110 onwards all of the articles are categorised according to which game they are relevant to, there is a column for Warhammer 40,000 (commonly referred to as WH40K) articles, a column for Warhammer Fantasy Battle (referred to as WHFB or just Warhammer), one for Various Games (all of the other games WD features), one for Terrain articles (just terrain, not painting guides) and one for Miscellaneous Articles and Battle reports. For issues 102 and earlier there are only three columns. One for Various Games that are featured (including Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Fantasy Battle) one for Roleplay Games like Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (commonly referred to as WFRP) and lastly, one for Miscellaneous Articles and Battle reports. This is because, back then, there wasn’t always a WH40K and/or WHFB article. There was however, a plethora of other games produced by other companies as well as lots of Roleplay games that are just never seen now. If things carry on as they are, I might have to change the columns from Issues 248 onward to just include just WH40K, WHFB and Miscellaneous Articles, because that’s what White Dwarf seems to be completely dedicating itself to these days…
  • Since Games Workshop re-releases games every so often (generally Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Fantasy Battle), articles about such games are only relevant to the edition of the game that was around at the time when that issue was printed. Because of this I have listed (as best I can) the editions of re-released games along with the period of issues that included articles about that edition.

Warhammer 40K


Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Rogue trader:
Issues 93 – 161,

2nd edition:
Issues 165 – 224,

3rd edition:
Issues 226 onwards.

Adeptus Titanicus:
Issues ? - 112

Space Marine:
Issues 127 - 170

Issues 186 - 198

Epic 40,000:
Issues 208 onwards.

3rd edition:
Issues ? - ?

4th edition:
Issues ? - ?

5th edition:
Issues ? – 248,

6th edition:
Issues 250 onwards.

  • In all issues, each article (in any column) is normally listed by the articles title (for example, ‘The Artificer’ issue 68 below) and then a short description of the article is included in brackets (‘a new AD&D character class’). If there are multiple articles for the same game each article will be listed one after another separated by commas.
  • In the Various Games column (and for earlier issues, the Roleplay Games column as well) the articles are preceded by the name of the game (in bold) to which the article is relevant, for example;
  • Necromunda – Gang Warfare! (An introduction to the new 40K based skirmish game).

If there are any articles about terrain or painting for these games then these are listed in the ‘Terrain’ and ‘Miscellaneous Articles’ columns respectively. The ‘Roleplay Games’ column lists the articles that have relevance to role-playing games (obviously), including adventures, resources Q&A and additional and amended rules.

  • Battle Reports are included at the end of the Miscellaneous Articles and Battle Reports column, although they are sometimes included in their game’s column (If, for example, it goes with another article like in Raid (issue 192), here there are two battle reports together with the scenarios that were used in them). Battle Reports are always designated with Italic type and, unless they are special reports, they are not referred to by name, just the game and the sides fighting in the battle.
  • I have not included page numbers with any of the articles because it is easy enough to find an article by its name alone from the contents page.

Disclaimer: This White Dwarf Index is not endorsed by Games Workshop in any way, I have produced it simply for the convenience of gamers wishing to find articles in White Dwarfs with ease. I have made no profit from this publication, nor do I ever intend to (and nor should anyone else), I originally made this index for my own use but I decided to allow other gamers to gain some use from it.

Due to the size of this work it is no longer available online, however you can download it for either Word 97 or Adobe Acrobat.

WDIndex.doc (201Kb)

WDIndex.pdf (146Kb)

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