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Warhammer 40,000 Campaign
by Daniel Wright

Army Selection Rules:

  1. Battlefields

(2000 point division per table)

For every 3 troop choices, you may choose either;

  • a Fast Attack choice
  • a Heavy Support choice

For every 5 troop choices, you may choose

  • an Elite choice

Each Division must have a single HQ choice, no more, no less.

  1. Reserve Table

(5000 points) following these restrictions:

For every 3 troop choices, you may choose either;

  • a Fast Attack choice
  • a Heavy Support choice

For every 5 troop choices, you may choose

  • an elite choice.

On to each reserve table, you may have up to 4 reserve HQ units

  1. No special characters. No assassins. No Greater Daemons or Daemon Princes.

Chain of Command Rules:

  1. There are three Supreme Commanders on each side, one for each allied force. However, since there will probably be elements of each force on all tables, all of the decisions that the Supreme Commanders make must be a collective decision and all commanders must agree on each tactical decision.

  2. Up to one Supreme Commander may visit a battlefield with any amount of reserve troops, the troops take the normal amount of time to arrive and while en route the Supreme commander leading them cannot make any tactical decisions. The Supreme Commander also cannot make any tactical decisions while he is at the battlefield, although the Field Commander at the same battlefield is subordinate to the Supreme Commander who may issue orders to him if he so wishes. The Supreme Commander must be represented by a model on the battlefield, if he is killed then the player may no longer make any tactical decisions or give anyone any advice due to the fact that he is ‘dead’.

  3. The Field Commanders note down the positions of both theirs and the enemies troops as well as any objectives held by either side on a map. At the end of each turn, each Field Commander will go to their HQ table and give their maps to the Supreme Commanders who will then assess the situation, make their decisions and then give the Field Commanders their orders.

  4. The Supreme Commanders cannot leave their ‘HQ’ table to ‘have a look’ at what’s going on in the front lines unless they are leading a force to the battlefield. To give orders, the Supreme Commanders must write down their orders and give them to the Field Commanders.

  5. Field Commanders may not talk to each other about tactical issues at all. Nor may they speak about tactical issues to the Supreme Commanders while other Field Commanders are present.

  6. Field Commanders must obey their orders, whatever they are, although they are permitted to ask about the reasoning behind those orders.

  7. If Field Commanders defy (or decide to ignore) their orders then the Supreme Commanders may choose to relieve them of command and, if they can find one, assign a new Field Commander. Alternatively, one of the Supreme Commanders may choose to take over at that battlefield. The Supreme Commanders may also have the insubordinate Commander shot, so he may take no further part in the game.

  8. Field Commanders may use their units in any way they see fit to achieve their orders, unless the Supreme Commanders have stated otherwise about the use of specific units.

  9. Field Commanders may put in a request for reinforcements when they give their reports. It is up to the Supreme Commanders whether they grant the request or not. Supreme Commanders may always assign reinforcements to a Field Commander without a request having been made.

Reinforcement (reserves) Rules:

  1. All reserves begin on the HQ table, no reserve units may start the game on any of the battlefields.

  2. Whenever reinforcements are dispatched to the battlefields it takes one turn, plus one additional turn per 500 points of reinforcements, to reach the designated battlefield. So it would take 500 points of reinforcements two turns to reach a battlefield, 1000 points would take three turns, etc.

  3. When reinforcements have been dispatched, they may not be redirected while en route although they can be reassigned before they have left the HQ.

  4. Reinforcements arrive on their own sides table edge when they get to the battlefield, they move on in their own sides turn. When they have moved onto the battlefield they may move, shoot and assault as normal.

Rules of Engagement:

  1. Just before the game begins a Supreme Commander from each side rolls a dice to determine who goes first. This is done on one of the battlefields with the Referee observing.

  2. When the game begins, the side that rolled highest takes the Movement phase of their first turn when the Referee says ‘(whichever side won the roll-off), Move your troops now!’

    The same procedure applies to the Shooting phase and the Assault phase, they begin when the Referee declares it. Field Commanders have about ten minutes in which to do everything they can in each phase. Once the first side has completed their turn the Referee will commence the other sides turn using the same procedure.

  3. For this mission there is no Deep Strike at all (even if the units rules state that they can use Deep Strike even when the mission rules don’t allow it).

  4. When one side completely wipes out the enemy on one of the battlefields the victors can set up a ‘Forward Base’ on that table. The forward base can hold up to 500 points of reserve forces which may be moved from the reserves table immediately, taking one turn to move there, ignoring modifiers for force size (see Reserves rule 2). These reserves may be moved to any other battlefield within one turn, also ignoring modifiers as before. If the reserves at the forward base are used then additional reserves may not be moved from the reserves table to that forward base until the original force has been destroyed.

    Additionally, any ‘friendly’ vehicles that were destroyed at any point before the table was taken, may be claimed and repaired on the D6 roll of a 5+. Repaired vehicles are moved back to the reserves table.

  5. When a table has been taken, the other side cannot attempt to retake it, the table is forever lost to them if their forces on it are wiped out. Any reinforcements that are travelling to that table are immediately sent back to the reserves table if the battlefield that they are heading for is taken by the enemy.

Rules of Conduct

  1. Beardy (or cheating) players will be relieved of command and may be thrown out of the campaign altogether. This is all at the discretion of the Referee.

  2. The Referee also arbitrates on all rules disagreements. His decision is final on all matters and must be respected by all players.

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