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The Bulkington Wargaming Club Newsletter  
Issue 1, November. Edited by Daniel Wright.
Hello friend gamers! Welcome to the first issue of the Bulkington Wargaming Club Newsletter. This will of course be an informal newsletter, it will be produced as and when I find enough interesting articles and rumours to put in it (and when I can find a spare moment to put the damn thing together). I would also like other gamers and club members to contribute articles to this newsletter so I may expand to two, three or (God forbid) four pages. Things to contribute could well include rumours you've heard (cleaning out the Portent site is cheating), any games you have created yourself and would like playtesting (time to give Star Wars Stormfleet another airing, eh Phil!) and possibly any stories about


Target Games R.I.P. While at Bifrost games convention I was informed by someone that Target Games, they of Warzone and Chronopia fame, have gone out of business. Clearly the company was not selling enough stuff to keep afloat. This is a real shame as the universes they had created (especially Warzone) were just as detailed and exciting as Games Workshop's. If this rumour is true (and I sincerely hope it's not) they will be sadly missed by the gamers that used their products.
Avast Behind! Does anyone remember Man O' War? Well apparently it will be remade at some point next year and the ships will be closer to the Warmaster scale. The rules for the new version are likely to be similar to those of Battlefleet Gothic.

interesting games you've played. I would also particularly like any artwork and cartoon strips that you lot have created (anyone remember Thrud, Gobbledigook or indeed Travellers!). Having said that, I will not


Pioneered at the club by a certain friend of mine, naming the regiments in your army is a good way of personalising them. They begin to take on a character and you begin to use them properly and not as cannon fodder or suicide units. Could you really bring yourself to use the brave halflings of Lofty's Poachers as a mere firescreen? I suspect not (unless you're Kenny of course). Sometimes it can make them more fearsome too. If a named unit, such as Karhak's Dark Riders, has consistently twatted it's opponents it gets a reputation and players begin to dread having to face it. This can throw their plans into disarray before they start as they try desperately to avoid the unit. You can also go as far as to give histories and background to units too, I personally have named most of the units in both my Warhammer Undead and Warmaster Chaos armies. Try this out as it can be great fun. By Daniel.

be printing rubbish so articles and especially cartoon strips will have to look fairly good and make some sort of sense (have I just doomed this newsletter to a bi-annual blank page?). It may happen that some of the more interesting and enduring articles will make it to the BWC Website so there's another reason to send stuff in. But where the hell are we supposed to send our articles to, you fool? The cry on many of your lips I suspect, but fear not (and don't call me a fool, you know who you are…) you can either hand floppy disk copies directly to me (which I will return) on Wednesday evenings or you can email them to me at Carstein69@hotmail.com. As with the club's website (and the BBC) you make it what it is, so get writing.

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