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The Bulkington Wargaming Club Newsletter  
Issue 2, December. Edited by Daniel Wright.
Hello again folks! I am disappointed in you, only two people have taken an interest in this publication. Paul Shipman has started to write an article for the newsletter and Pete Houston has worked out a way to make a cartoon strip. But first, a report. Last month I went to my first games convention, Bifrost 2000.


TG lives!: Apparently, Target games has not died completely. They have a computer games division which is still going strong. The Chronopia and Warzone universes will be used in future computer games, but I suspect their models will be hard to get hold of from now on.

It was a cold Saturday morning (somewhere in the region of 9am, I can't quite rememberů) and my dad dropped me off at the Green Man pub. There I waited for several minutes until Pete arrived, along with fellow games punters Steve and their mate Mike, who I later found out makes rude comments at every opportunity. Anyway, they pulled up and I noticed Richard wasn't there, apparently he wasn't coming because he spend all his money the month before at Games Day. Oh well, more room in the car for us then. We spent the journey chatting about various game related stuff (obviously) mainly roleplay and old games that you just don't see anymore. When we arrived we entered a small community hall and the smell of lead and resin filled our nostrils. I rapidly paced along the stalls lining the outside edge of the hall, I was fascinated by the amount of figures, terrain and games that was not made by Games Workshop.


Pete Houston has discovered a way of making a cartoon strip using the Southpark caricatures that are on the club's site (you've all seen them!). All he needs to get the strips rolling into this newsletter is plotlines. If anybody has any amusing ideas for cartoon strips featuring club members (and ideally set in the club hall as well), let either me or Pete know about them. Cheers!

There were also loads of old White Dwarfs and I got ten for a fiver (including the elusive issue 210, Yesss!). I also came away with a small spaceship model and a Starship Troopers warrior bug. We only spent a few hours there but I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and I would advise all other members of the club to go to games conventions like Bifrost, simply because they provide a refreshing alternative to Games Workshop.

B U L L E T I N   B O A R D

Artists required. I am looking for anyone who can draw small pieces of artwork for my Warhammer 40,000 roleplay game. I need lots of small, original drawings (no bigger than a quarter of a page) depicting adventurers in the 40K universe. If anyone can create this type of good artwork, please contact me through the normal channels. Daniel (editor).
Contributors required
. If anyone has anything they want to say about the club or the newsletter (or something in this section) then simply email me at Carstein69@hotmail.com, Daniel.

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