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The Bulkington Wargaming Club Newsletter  
Issue 3, January.
Edited by Daniel Wright.
Like the new title colour? (I'm not changing the title on the Web Version - PH) I decided a change was in order, having had the old title for two whole issues now. Quick question. Have any of you ever played a game (Warhammer or whatever), lost and then thought "why do I bother?" I have. I played one with my ever (t)rusty Undead army. I spend all week painting nine Grave Guard and a unit of Chaos Warriors which I wanted to field test. Then I played, and lost. Hideously. I won't go into details (it's too painful) but it made me wonder whether I had ever actually won a game of Warhammer, ever. I thought, and then concluded that no, I hadn't . I then hypothesised that the reason I never win must be because if I ever did, the universe would implode due to the incalculably small chance of such an event occurring. Thus, it is clearly my duty to save the universe by making sure that I always lose when playing a tabletop battle game. The theories of my opponents may differ somewhat from the aforementioned truth.


Warzone Returns! Well it took me a while to get some more info on the topic of Warzone and Chronopia's return, but hopefully it will be worth the wait! From what I hear the deal that has been worked out includes the buying company having rights to the moulds (from Target AB) and the complete control over the rights to both the Warzone and Chronopia TTGs (from Paradox Entertainment). The moulds that are a part of the deal are apparently the ones from the Target U.S. casting plant. The moulds that they do not have will be "reproduced" using actual models, with the help of some sculptors that will clean up any messy spots. The re-release of the old models and rules should begin in the first half of 2001, but this is a very loose date. Now for the tasty bit! The company that has bought the rights to bring Warzone and Chronopia back, Excelsior Entertainment, is an established RPG and Miniatures distributor that is located "just across the street" from the old U.S. Target casting plant. This except was taken from http://www.waryammer.com

As regular readers (if there are any) may rememberise, Pete has found a method to create a cartoon strip featuring the club members. Well, the first plot has arrived! It goes as follows:

When…No sorry, our legal eagles have advised us to keep schtum about the top secret plot line.
[Pete; The plot will be delivered to you by agents from MI5, the keyword is ARSE]

Clearly many more plots are required to make this a regular feature. So if anyone has any funny plot ideas, let me (or Pete) know about them. I like the idea of a regular cartoon feature because it means I have to do less work…(har har!) Finally, I would just like to take this opportunity to plug next months features; There will be the basic rules to a fun game called INCOMING (written by Paul Shipman) and also a feature all showcasing any house rules that club members have come up with. Until next time…                                            Daniel


There are quite literally hundreds of websites around which will help gamers by providing resources, rules, tips, pictures and even free ezines. This little feature should assist readers by listing some of the best ones…


I subscribe to this a) because it's free and b) because it's very good.


After some free rules for a particular time period or genre but don't want to spend any money? Then look no further, this is the site for you.

B U L L E T I N   B O A R D

Not much in this feature this month, not my fault. If anyone has anything they want to advertise TELL ME! Except to say, any house rules or cartoon plot ideas anyone?

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