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January 2001
his month Members Raffle was won by Andrew Clark, congratulations. Attendance is has been very good for the first two weeks, lets see if it continues. Lots of Christmas presents are seeing action, mostly in the Warhammer Ranks. We started a Warhammer Pyramid League just before Christmas (the idea for this was taken from the Gobstyks Club, see links) and the format is proving quite popular, we will probably be starting similar League for Warhammer 40K and Warmaster. We have two new members Chris Robers and David Green, that brings the total up to 23. We have just gotten hold of the Dwarven Stronghold Terrrain piece, the next one is the Undead Graveyard expected at the end of March.

December 2000
his month's Members Raffle consisted of £30 of GW Gift Certificates, split between five very happy winners. We have managed to obtain one of the highly sort after 'Orc Village' Terrain Pieces, we intend to get every one for the club as they come out. We should start building our Storage Cupboard in the new year. Also in the new year we are looking to restarting our large Sunday Games (8 Hours of Gaming!), further details on these when we arrange them. Daniel has produced the second issue of the Club Newsletter. We will be closing our doors from December 20th for two weeks, the club will restart on January 10th.

November 2000
nother month, another raffle, another winner, this time the Gift Certificate went to Alex Brown, congratulations go to him. Alex is one of two new regular members the other being Andrew Clarke, this now brings the total up to 21 (less chance of winning the raffle now). Peter Houston and Paul Shipman wrote an artlce for the Warmaster Magazine on the Games Day display the club put on, you can read it here. Steve Hambrook of Fanatic says he will schedule it for publication, we will have to wait and see. Everyone is trying out the new 6th Edition of Warhammer, and so far the the reaction is good, the new magic system is a hit. However there already seems to be heated debates about rules issues, some things never change. We have finally been given the go ahead to build our storage cupboard, now we just have to get on with it :( Daniel has started to compile a Club Newsletter, the first edition is available in the articles section.

October 2000
he month started well, we may have finally sorted our storage problem, more information when we get it. Games Workshop very generously sent us a Warhammer Army for putting on the display at Games Day, I (Peter) will be painting it up for a club army. The first meeting of the month went well, Craig finally turned up after his three month absence; Stephen Houston won the Members Raffle, congratulations; the Bring 'n' Buy is very popular; attendance is looking good so far with 21 attending the first week (as expected). The average attandance has been worked out at 16 every week (for the period June-October) however summer holidays are included in this period.

September 2000
We had our first members review at the beginning of the month, with currently 18 people achieving membership (having attended at least half of the meetings in the past three months), as always new members get a three month qualifying period to gain membership, after that the normal six monthly reviews will take place at the end of December and June. The Members Raffle started this month, it was held on the first meeting of the month, John Perkins was the happy winner of the £10 Games Workshop Certificate, he can finish his Dwarf Warmaster Army for Games Day now (No Excuses), congratulations John.
Our club display at Games Day went well, Peter, Stephen, Kenny, Paul, John and Ryan put it on and everyone enjoyed themselves. We had some photos taken by the Fanatic Press photographer, and if we can pull our fingers out and write a Battle Report we could get it published in the Warmaster Magazine. We had a chat with Rick Priestly when he came to have a look at our table, and he seemed to like what we had done.
Attendance at the club seems to be picking up again, we expect high attendance on the first meeting of next month :)

August 2000
We have been accepted for a club table at Games Day. Everyone is feverishly painting their armies and to visitors it looks as if we are a Warmaster Only Club as not many other games are being played.
Stephen Houstons' High Elf army is proving difficult to defeat (it hasn't been beaten yet).
Peter Houston has modelled the Orc Village, for the event, from air-dry clay (pictures soon), and is working on some ships and boats.
Paul Shipman is talking about running a Warmaster Campaign after Games Day, more details when we know more.
So far attendance this month has been low, probably due to the holidays, it should pick up again next month.

July 2000
The BWC applies to Games Workshop to put on a display table at Games Day 2000. In preparation for the event the club votes on the game that is to be played, and Warmaster was selected.
A modular terrain system was bought for the event (Purbeck Terrain System), as it was felt that the time to the show was too short to try to build a 10' x 5' table from scratch.
Attendance is down this month due to summer holidays.


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