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No Photo AvailableName : Peter Houston
Position : Treasurer & Membership Secretary
Age : 32
Notes : Designed and maintains this site, Terrain Builder, Player.
Email : houston.graphics@iname.com
ICQ UIN : 8770407


Currently the oldest member at the BWC, I have been involved with wargaming, on and off, since about 1980.

I was first introduced to the hobby after attending an open day at the Bedworth Wargaming Club.  I have tried my hand at Nepoleonic, American Civil War, and other historical wargames, before I discovered Warhammer. I must have attended that club for about 10-12 years.

I took a break from Wargaming for a while in favour of Role Playing Games, Live Role Playing, and Trading Card Games.

Over the years my brother Stephen, and I have set up a Role Playing Club (now closed), a Trading Card Games Club (still running every Tuesday Night at the Holly Bush Pub in Holbrooks, Coventry) and we also wrote and organised our own Live Role Playing system called Dream Dealers (sadly disbanded).

Recently I have returned to Wargaming. I currently have a very successful Undead Warband for Mordheim - Vlad's Impalers, I am still painting my 40K Space Marine Army (G.P.P.E.) and I have an Undead Warmaster Army which I used at Games Day 2000 (If you haven't guessed I like Undead). The BWC were kindly given quite a large quantity of Vampire Counts miniatures (for putting on a display at Games Day), I have volunteered to paint this as a Club Army.

I have not long purchased a new game, Full Thrust (by Ground Zero Games) a starship combat game, I have only played one game so far but it is very easy to play and good fun (always important).

I enjoy Terrain Building, and painting and converting miniatures, a pet peeve of mine is that I hate to see games played with unpainted miniatures (as a minimum they should be undercoated and glued to their bases !).  I personally will not play a game until I have painted my miniatures.

When I get some photographs of my miniatures I will include them here, I will also try to find some old photos of my Live Role Playing days (they should be good for a laugh).

Another of my hobbies is 3D Graphics, a gallery of which is on display on my homepage.

I am married to Lisa, and I have 3 beautiful children — Annabelle, Alexander and Cameron.

Games I have played over the years.
(# = I still do)

  Wargames #  
Warhammer 40k
Car Wars
Full Thrust

Star Wars
Dungeons & Dragons
Advanced D&D
Ghost Busters
Men in Black
Golden Heroes
Danger International
Fantasy Hero
Justice Inc.
James Bond
Call of Cthullhu
Judge Dredd
Lords of Creation
Tunnels & Trolls

Magic:The Gathering
Star Wars CCG
Wild Storms

  Live Action RPG's 
Dream Dealers
Portly Pixie
Trouble at Mill

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