Bulkington Wargaming Club
Club Rules

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1.0 Name & Address

1.1 The club will be called Bulkington Wargaming Club. It will be based in the Bulkington Village Centre, School Road, Bulkington, Bedworth.

2.0 Purpose

2.1 To provide the opportunity for members to participate in the hobby of collecting, painting and gaming with tabletop wargame miniatures and game systems.

3.0 Membership

3.1 Membership of the club is gained by attending more than half of the meetings in a running year. There will be a 3-month probationary period before membership takes effect.

3.2 Club meetings are open to non-members who can make use of the club facilities upon payment of the standard meeting ticket price, whether playing or not.

3.3 A record of attendance will be kept in a register book or database.

3.4 Members must be 8 years old or more (or be at high school) to attend the club or become a member. Club officials and signatories must be 18 years or older.

4.0 Club Assets

4.1 The assets of the club (gaming equipment, cash in hand and cash at the bank) belong to the members.

4.2 If the club should ever close the assets will be distributed to the current members as evenly as possible. Current members at any time will be those who have attended more than half the meetings in the previous 12 months, or since records began (whichever is the shorter).

5.0 Club Officials

5.1 Significant decisions will be made by majority vote of club members at a normal meeting. Club officials may make decisions on day to day running and expenditure of up to 50

5.2 The members will appoint four Club Officials, who will share the roles of Secretary, Membership Secretary, Treasurer and Cartaker.

6.0 Club Funds

6.1 Club funds will be administered through a bank or building society account which is designed for this purpose.

6.2 There will be four signatories to the club bank account, one of whom will be the club Treasurer. Any two of the signatories must sign club cheques and make cash withdrawals.

6.3 The Treasurer will keep a record of transactions on club funds showing all credits, debits and the current balance. The record will be available for inspection by any club member.

6.4 A receipt will be obtained for all club expenditure. This will be checked by the Treasurer and then discarded. If the Treasurer commits expenditure then the receipt will be checked by one other signatory and then discarded.

7.0 Voting & club decisions

7.1 Decisions regarding the club, including amendment of club rules, will be made by majority vote at normal club meetings.

7.2 The Club Secretary will keep a record of significant decisions taken at club meetings. The record will be available for inspection by any club member.

7.3 Only current members (not visitors) may vote.

7.4 There will be an Annual General Meeting to discuss the general direction of the club and forthcoming events.

Acceptable Behaviour
These rules are intended to make the BWC enjoyable for all who visit.

1.0 Noise

1.1 The room we use is large and un-carpeted, so noise carries very well, please try to keep the volume of games down, as it can soon become overpowering. If you find it necessary to raise your voice to be heard, it's too load.

2.0 Beverages

2.1 If you intend to bring food and drink to the club, please purchase it before you come, we would prefer it if you did not leave the building once you have arrived.

2.2 Other patrons use the room after us, so please dispose of all rubbish in the bins provided, do not leave it for others to deal with.

3.0 Smoking & Drinking

3.1 Smoking is not allowed at the Club, if you find it necessary to smoke please do so outside, however dispose of cigarettes in the bins provided, not on the floor.

3.2 Alcohol is not permitted on site.

4.0 Behaviour

4.1 Fighting (be it light-hearted) is not allowed at the BWC, if you find it necessary to fight, do it elsewhere.

4.2 Members should not need to leave the Beaumont Room, except to use the Toilets or to smoke. If you do need to leave, please inform one of the Club Officials.

5.0 Facilities

5.1 Toilets are provided on site, please treat them as you would at your own home.

5.2 There are fire extinguishers provided in the room. DO NOT play with them.

5.3 The Beaumont Room is also used by the Youth Club, and they store some items in the room. They are not for use of the BWC.

6.0 Property & Damage

6.1 Anything brought to the club is done so at your own risk, the BWC can not be held responsible for any loss or damage.

6.2 Take care when handling the clubs assets, remember that as a member, it belongs to you. Any damaged items will need to be repaired or replaced, which means other purchases for the club will have to be postponed.

6.3 Anyone found stealing, or vandalising property, will be permanently banned from the BWC, and if necessary the authorities will be called.

7.0 Discipline

7.1 These rules are to ensure the enjoyment of the visitors to the BWC, however it may be necessary to enforce them from time to time.

7.2 Anyone continually breaking the rules will have membership privileges removed. And in extreme cases they could be banned, the Club Officials will make these decisions.


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